Thursday, January 22, 2009


this is going to be the really fast one. i already have my malossi case halves with the TOP crank and bearing installed, as well as Simonini CDI, the 19 mm malossi carb/air filter setup, and the piaggio 8 weight performance variator. one of my cylinder studs is bent though. so i need to take that out and bend it back or buy new ones sometime in the near future. i also have a 65cc parma kit that i need to trade back to quarterkick. they're working on getting me the malossi racing gears and the 70 cc malossi i stripped down the frame and put the bravo forks on. it took forever to get the stock ones off. pat had a good idea to use a support beam in the garage in between the forks to wiggle the handlebars free. i also had to grind out the area where the axle rests inside the forks to accommodate the larger axle of the grande wheels. i also cut and ground an area on the side of the forks to allow for the nut to go on. i forgot to take specific pictures of this, so next time you'll understand.
i have run into a problem with the rear wheel. it has been flat for sometime and when i put it on the frame it was barely too wide and it rubs in one little spot on the right of the subframe. i'm guessing it's doing that because it's flat and the tire is rotted out and cracking. i have a new tire, 2.75x16 inches (the same size as the original) that i was trying to get on last night but without tire levers it was hopeless. the new one seems a lot skinnier though when it was halfway on, so i'm hopeful that it will work. i'd prefer to use my grande wheels as i like the mags and the beefiness of them. ciao wheels just seem too small for this project.
this is my pipe. or at least one of my pipes. this is a polini pipe manufactured in the 1980s (as i'm told) and is super super short. it's only about a foot long. i'm going to have to try and figure out how it mounts as well, as there is only one bracket and it seems it attaches to one of the cylinder studs? who knows.
i also have a leo vince and a couple stock piaggio pipes. i was never really impressed with my leo vince but it's also been brought to my attention that i might have been variating too early and i never reached my powerband. so i'm willing to try and tune my variator differently and try out both of these pipes again.

last night i moved the red/orange ciao down to my basement to start on it. i already have the engine and everything. i'm planning on putting a kinetic TFR engine with CDI in it. i'm not sure if i'm going to do any intake porting at this point, but i do have two sets of dellorto 13/13 carbs and malossi hi-flo air filters. so it would make sense to put a set on this ciao to give it some more power. this bike is for my girlfriend, jamie, by the way. we're going to be working on it together.


  1. Is the front wheel larger than the rear one? It looks cool.

  2. front wheel is 17, back is 16. i checked tonight with a properly inflated standard 23/4 in wide grande wheel on a ciao and it doesn't fit. so i'm going to email zippy and see if i can mail it back to them and get a refund. wish me luck.

  3. Hey mopeders out there, I am looking to buy a Front Fork for a 1978 Vespa Grande. If any one out there knows where I can find one I will forever be grateful to you if that worked out. Thanks for any feed back!