Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the powerband

so last night i worked on my stock blue ciao, i got it running but not running well when i first got it. it would idle sometimes and run at full throttle fine, but usually died when i stopped at a light or sometimes when i brought it off the stand after getting it going. thought it was just the wrong jetting. turns out it's more messed up. but of course, not unfixable.

the piston has some gashes in it, looks like it seized in the past. my friend luke, without even seeing my piston, diagnosed it as bad compression. so i'm going to replace the piston and the rings with a used piston and some new rings.

while working on it at the ghost rider's shop, luke had me try out his honda express. which in general i've know to be slow but fun...but he has done a lot of crazy things to it.

for the first time i experienced what it was like to hit your powerband. i never hit mine with my leo vince, probably because i was variating too early. let me tell you, it was one of the most amazing things i've ever experienced on a moped. such power, it was awesome, and made me smile a lot. i'm guessing it goes mid 40s. he put a variated hobbit setup on it, i believe, but i could be mistaken.

anyways. it has definitely got me motivated again to get back in peter's shop and tinker with my performance ciao i'm building, as i haven't touched it for a few weeks. also, it's been a lot warmer here in grand rapids lately, which is very unusal, but of course i'm not complaining. today it was 63! crazy! made me wish i had a running moped...

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  1. the winter project curse...working on a project so you don't have anything to ride once you get those random nice days.