Tuesday, February 17, 2009

puttin' it together

last week peter and i pressed my malossi cases together with the top one crank. here it is together with the 19mm dellorto PHBG carb/malossi filter. i had to bend back one of the cyclinder studs as it was bent in from the last owner...it was dropped or something. anyways, it's straight as can be now, so that's good.


i still need to get the hardware to mount the intake plate on, as somehow that was missing. i also noticed that it was going to be tough to get the hardware to fit as it tightens down on the two bottom bolts. terrydean said he had to dremel a little of the outside of the case away to tighten it all the way. looks like i'll be doing the same as well.

i'm going to be picking up my crossbar to weld on the frame tomorrow. i'm thinking one with an outer diameter of 1.75", coincidentally the same outer diameter of the vespa gas cap.

i'm planning on using my piaggio 8 weight performance variator for now, probably not as good as the malossi multivar or the polini var, but it's what i got for now. my kit should be coming in the mail early next week. also plan on getting a 22mm calibrata pipe in the next few weeks as well as the racing gears once quarterkick gets them in.

other than those things, i think i'm set engine wise, just need to work on cleaning up the tank, strengthening the welds near the gas tank and rear hard tail strut areas, welding the crossbar and seat on. then getting new cables, grips, tires and tubes. gazelles are said to be the best, so i'm looking for ones that are 2.5"wide instead of the stock 2.75" as they are too fat for the ciao frame.


  1. i like reading your posts. i don't always fully know what you're talking about, but i'm impressed just the same.

  2. those cases look so sick. when's mr. malossi going to ship things in my direction! uh.

  3. 77 has those racing gears i think! way cheaper than anyone else, too, maybe!