Saturday, February 7, 2009


i originally saw a ciao with white walls and knew immediately that i wanted some. then i started looking into a way to make the side panels a bit more snazzy and was inspired by woody station wagons from the 1950s, like this one.
I have this idea for a ciao with wood paneling and white walls. i know that the 17" white walls are almost unfindable, but you can buy paint specifically designed to be white walls on tires. my friend jordan has a good idea of how to evenly and circularly paint the tires without painting the rims or hand painting off the rim, so i think i'm gonna get this paint sometime. as for the wood paneling, i'm going to be working with my friend aaron cutting and sanding and planing and staining and eventually gluing it together.

i mocked this example up in photoshop.
i also have a metal basket on the back rack and would like to fabricate some wood accents or a completely new wooden basket type thing for it. i'm leaning towards a completely new one as the basket i have is nice but isn't as streamlined.

p.s.-i have no money for any of this right now, but it's an idea i want to do in the future.


  1. dude. Cool idea. I hope that you go ahead with it so that every time i see you riding it, I can say that you're "sporting wood".