Friday, March 6, 2009

boreing out the intakes

13mm intake makes a huge difference from stock, i want all of my bikes to be bored out to 13mm. the kinetic tfr engine is on the bottom, piaggio oil injection on the top. i'm headed down to louisville today to hang out with jason and work on these. my girlfriend jamie, and my friend lydia, are looking to work on a farm this summer and are interviewing at one in louisville, so it works out nicely. along with working on these engines, jason and i are also having a huge parts swap. i'm getting some rear clutches and hubs. he's getting a grande frame, fenders, tail light assembly, and some other stuff. i'm excited.
i've been working on jamie's bike recently. i've been trying to figure out how to mount the HT coil. i'm putting the kinetic on her bike as it has CDI, thus i'm hoping it's more reliable. above are two stock HT coils, i want to use a stock one as they mount closer to the frame on the ciao, and i want to be able to use sidecovers eventually. the other night i drilled out the mounting holes on the HT coil on the right, so that an engine mount bolt could hold it in place. on my blue ciao the HT coil has a really cool mounting bracket that work with the existing engine bolts which i really like. now hopefully this stock HT coil works with the CDI coils...
the CDI coil is on the left and it has a strange mounting bracket that's compatible with TFR frames, but not that great with a ciao.
i was also looking at the crank differences between the vespa crank and the kinetic. above is the kinetic, which has two holes drilled out.
i wonder if this is stock or a mod? if it's a mod, i wonder if the crank is unbalanced now. i'm also worried about the woodruff key slot in the crank as it seems to have been damaged. the slot is bigger now, looks a bit scarred, and the key doesn't sit snuggly inside, it falls out very easily when i try and mount the flywheel. this is not the case with the vespa engine when i mount the flywheel.
here's jamie's ciao right now. i just wanted to put another pic up as the first one was all weird cause it was hanging and was awkward.
well, gotta go finish packing!
i'll post some before and after pics of the intake when i get back, as i feel there isn't very good documentation of this thing, even though people do it all the time. p.s. i got my pipe in the mail the other day. calibrata with the black baffle from treats!

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