Friday, March 13, 2009


i variated my blue ciao today. switched the hub with one of my grande hubs, and put on the 8 roller piaggio variator i've had sitting around in my basement for months. i tried to tune the variator but i think my weights aren't heavy enough for it to variate all the way, about halfway up, and i only got up to what felt like 20 even though the engine was reving really high. i don't have any weight sets, so i'm stuck for now. but it was really good to be outside in the sun working on my moped and not being cold for once. i did have really good bottom end...which was a nice change to the single speed setup.
one bummer though, is that the first time i put the variator back on after changing some weights i wasn't looking and didn't line up the flat spots on one of the plates and the center cylinder piece. i cranked it down tight and noticed when it was running that it was wobbling a little. i took it off again and noticed that i bent some of the metal one that plate which is a big bummer. i bent it part of the way back with the tools that i had, and it was straighter, but i think i'm gonna need to go back and do it again more precisely and hopefully get it back to the way it was. i was really bummed because i'd only used it for about 5 min and already bent it...
this variator isn't super performance or anything, it's basically the same as stock, but has 8 weights which means i can tune it easier as the stock one only comes with 5 weights, making it off center if you take out weights.
no pictures in this post...sorry. i'm at work. not really sure if there'd be much to see anyways.

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