Wednesday, April 8, 2009

in the frenzy of things...i did not take any pics

but i'm going to as i'm splitting the cases again real soon, but i bored out my intake to 13, but not the window on the inside of the case, but i think i should so i'm going to open that up more when i take it apart again. i also cut the crank quite a bit, again, i'll take a pic of that later to show.

i'm using a stock cylinder, 13:13 carb, 66 jet, leovince pipe, and hi flo air filter. unfortunately i don't have tuned correctly right now, but i got it to run however have only seen a loss in bottom end and no top end increase...

i'm pretty sure i need to upjet, but i'm not sure how much. i tried running it with no air filter which it would only start with the choke on, it won't run with the stock air filter, and will start with the hi flo filter on without it choked.

i'm hoping to split the case halves again this weekend as i really wanna open that intake window up before whiskey business II which is next weekend (i leave wednesday night to drive down). i've also got a bunch of trading cards to finish for the rally pack! lots to do, not so much time!

i'm planning on bringing a back up stock engine, just incase i do these mods and can't get it running. i don't wanna be stuck without a running bike when i'm there, even if i only do 25, it's better than nothing. sorry for no pics, i'll take some this weekend. i'm helping my friend johanna get her moped out of winter storage for a tune up on saturday, maybe i'll have some time work on this project as well, as i'm predicting that her's won't be too hard to clean up and get running.


  1. did you b-slice the fixer already?

  2. yeah, the fixer was a bit mucky, so i had to b-slice it, oh well!