Monday, May 18, 2009


last weekend i had a good time putting together jamie's green ciao, frame compliments of gabeb. i was missing some parts though, so i had to take parts off two other ciao frames i have (the red one in the photo and some other stuff i took off of my top tank project's frame a few months back).
here it is:
hardwired w/horn!
stock cylinder
bored out intake
cut crank
single speed with malossi black springs
eventually i want to put the lightened clutch shoes on but can't get them to fit in right now. i also want to put the 80mm pulley on, but if the acceleration is crappy, then i'm gonna just wait and variate it when i get down to kentucky. i have two variators waiting for me there.

oh, and i bought a giant bag of soil on saturday and carried it on the back! it was great!
here's the cut crank
bored intake
inside, not the smoothest job, but i was cutting it real close on that top edge there and was worried i was going to wreck the rotary intake seal, so i smoothed it out as best i could without getting too close to it.


  1. nice dude! glad to see the green frame get put to good use. when do you get down here?

  2. So I heard you moved to Louisville and finished your suped up ciao...where's the updates!?!