Wednesday, August 26, 2009

70cc polini
malossi reed valve cases
simonini calibrata
malossi/dellorto 19mm carb package
simonini CDI
malossi multivar
malossi belt
ebr crossbar
Bravo forks
vespa SI cross mags
2.25 x 16 SAVA Front
2.50 x 16 Hutchinson GP1 Tubeless Rear
Buzzetti White Sidestand

still learning how to tune a PHGB carb, thought i had it down and then soft seized last night. haven't taken the cylinder off but seemed to run just fine so i don't think it was too bad. if not, have a malossi 70cc on the shelf. i also need to tune the variator more, first i had too heavy lowering my RPMs when it varitated too soon, now i have too light not allowing it to variate all the way. we'll get there though. right now it's running high 40s, but that's with those lighter weights in. so we have room to grow here. there's a lot of buzz about mikuni carbs, who knows, maybe i'll try and finagle one in there someday, but for now, i'm very happy.

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