Monday, August 17, 2009

yes it is true

i moved to kentucky, and put my crazy project bike together and rode it around for a week and a half. and then promply took it apart again. it is fast, but it i will be faster yet once it's tuned. also, i have a few things on my to-do list for it:

fix rear brakes

the hub i was using didn't work in the cross mags. i was stumped as i thought all vespa hubs were interchangeable, however i couldn't get any of the ones i had to grab enough in these cross mags. it took me a long time, but i figured out that there at at least two types of vespa mag hubs. the only difference i could see was that the metal brake plate that has the actual pad on it is shaped differently. the one that works in the cross mags has a sort of triangle point in the center whereas the other ones are completely round on the inside. pics to come of course.

the engine mount holes aren't long enough on my frame for the multivar and malossi belt, so i have bad belt tension right now, in fact, i was surprised i could even start it, let alone start it no problem every time.

front axle barely fits in forks. i seriously have just a few threads holding one side on. i'm supposed to get bearings in from crush bearings this week, maybe sealed bearing conversion before ghost ride? but probably not. i have a bravo spoked wheel set and the axle on that hub would fit perfectly, however it's stuck in that hub at the moment. i should probably focus on getting that unstuck rather than mess with sealed bearings this close to the rally. maybe some pb blaster or something.

i also need a new headlight bulb, i really wanna hook up my horn too, but i need to figure out where to mount it. the bike is very simple looking and so just slapping it on will make everything not so good.

again, pics to come soon, once it's back together.

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  1. finally...don't mess around with a sketchy front wheel. It'll eat you alive!