Saturday, November 14, 2009


i love the way top tank mopeds look, who doesn't? i especially like the way magnums look, again, who doesn't? as we all know, i love piaggio mopeds, but they never made a top tank!

i know this isn't a new idea but i still have yet to see someone actually finish one of these bravo top tank projects. my MINT frame is courtesy of Joe Woytasik, the tank i got from a random dude on ebay. it's pretty clean inside, but has a small dent on either side where it looks like the magnum forks turned into at some point.
but it'll be fun to strip the paint and use bondo for the first time and then do some duplicolor engine enamel on it. i still need to fabricate a bar and eventually weld it in. i can't decide if i'm going to strip this frame as it's in such good shape. it's like it's brand new. but i'm not sure if i'm sold on the color for this project. part of me wants it to be white or black, or maybe some other color. in any case, the subframe, is immaculate. looks like it was never even used (i know that's not true) but there's no grim or belt shavings...ANYWHERE.

here's a crappy photoshop mock up with some snowflakes i don't have, not sure what wheels i'll end up using on this project.
i don't have a seat yet, this is just a picture of a magnum seat i stole online, also not sure what i think of the tail part of the frame. i might need it to attach the seat, so i'm leaving it for now till i find my seat. it also has this really cool tool box that's just so well designed, i don't think i can get rid of it!
this bike is going to be really pretty though. winter project for sure.

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