Sunday, November 22, 2009


Photos of random parts! who knows what's all in there!I just won a german ebay auction...for this:24 Mikuni, 90cc Simo kit, Simo Cases, Simo CDI.
along with a grab bag of parts and hubs and other CDI and a wheel set and ciao forks and the list goes on and on, i'm not even completely sure what all in in that grab bag of parts. looks like some cylinders and head and carbs and HT coils. all in all, i spent 358 euros, plus shipping which has yet to be determined. I got it for a super good deal though. i'm so excited.

however, I'm debating whether or not to put my malossi engine up for sale once this comes in the mail. probably makes more financial sense. we'll see though more pics when everything comes! not sure how long it's going to take.


  1. wooooooh! rad dude! is the kit a 3 bolt or 4 bolt pattern?

  2. 3 bolt. jason actually has one of these kits, brand new, in his closet. as it was his original project before not being able to get cases. then came the 100cc engine. so what i really need to buy next is the 30mm calibrata or the same pipe jason has, we'll see, benji has sold both in the past

  3. Welcome to team Simonini. You won't be disappointed my friend. Can't wait to see what those cases look like...

  4. rad intake. this engine is going to be insane!