Saturday, January 16, 2010

vespa mini magnum time!

i drove up to coon rapids, mn to visit brandon and jesse of the garelli bad dudes for the weekend. i delivered my malossi engine to brandon, we traded some vespa parts as well. and then headed to his dad's welding shop for an all day marathon. it...was...SICK.
first, it was time for the bravo seat post to go to make room for the crossbar.
then i flattened it all down real nice and smooth and then took off some paint for the welding.
brandon shaped the crossbar and we got busy changing angles of things, and had it sitting in the frame after a few hours.
i brought some steel pipes from grand rapids to make the crossbar and the tank dampner mounts. jesse had his mini magnum at the shop and we were able to match up the angles and the tank placement pretty much dead on. it looks pro.
i also grinded off all of the bravo tank mounts. i also was able to cut out the hole in the subframe for the simo side sick.
obviously this is still just a work in progress, but man, i'm so pumped to be this far along this early in the winter.
brandon and jesse, thank you so much man, i couldn't have done this without your help.
also, brandon got his ciao all together with the engine and rode around in the snow for a bit. i'm sure he'll have some pics and maybe even a vid on their blog soon, so check it out!
more to come from the vespa mini magnumat some point, but for now, i'm calling it a night.


  1. Is that a polini variator I see? Nice work. Looking great! it looks so tiny. Can't wait to see what seat you rig up.