Friday, April 9, 2010

great progess! but no photos

i've got my pipe welded up to match the giant 30mm exhaust port for the simo kit. eliot from sHs fabricated a flange and he welded it up in one evening. it looks mad max esque but man, it also looks pro, thanks man, i couldn't have done it by myself...ever.

i've completely sanded down my tank and used bondo for the first time on the dents, i think i might need to add a little more on one side still. but it's coming a long. i hope to get that done tomorrow and painted on sunday. i've got some peugeot forks and a seat from 1977 coming. it's gonna be a race to get it all done or at least ridable for WB3, but it's my plan. still gotta get an air filter. but everything else is taken care of.

in other piaggio projects news, i've got my blue ciao together right now and finished rebuilding and kitting an engine for my friend carson who lives in GR. i've got it on the ciao to tune it, got the 65cc DR kit and 13mm carb, cut crank. it's single speed with the malossi springs and pads and a leo vince pipe, it actually climbs hills really well, running without an air filter and an 82 jet. reaches 40 with the leo vince, but before we hacked and welded the new header and that simo pipe, it was hitting 45, but had not so good low end, although that was before i put those malossi springs and clutch pads in.

i just started my new job at sears working on small engines, mostly 4-stroke mowers and snow blowers, but i rode the ciao there one day and now one of the guys named Eddie Pepper is calling me "bradley two-stroke, straight outta GR, Michigan" and other variations like that.

more updates later this weekend

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  1. awesome dude! stoked to see this bike. see you in a less than a week!