Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cell phone pics

here's a version of my bike from WB3. towel/random fabric tied with old hammock rope onto a skateboard deck, and i even had a tail light! even if it wasn't visible at idle and very dim at high rpms. take note, italy or die...vinyl letters, yeah man!
well, i also figured out that my rear shocks are no good with two people. i have a package from treats coming today with adjustable 280mm shocks, black ones, as well the jets i need as i'm too rich.

did i say too rich? in other news i soft seized. but that's because i'm an idiot and after fixing my exhuast leak i only had my sparkplug in finger tight. but i didn't soft seize...i seized a crank bearing. weird. all is fixed now though.

in terms of fabrications/the next steps with this bike are as follows:

i've been borrowing a flywheel from jasonw and i need to get mine machined to match.
tonight i'm taking it to my friend mark's shop and then i should be in business.

i've got a really nice magnum seat coming from chad which i'm super excited to put on. it's got the trunk and everything.

the buddy peds i got that go on a grande do not clear the baffle of my pipe. which is a huge bummer cause i really want double to be comfy and stylish. i'm thinking that the pegs will have to be moved forward. so maybe chop em off and weld em closer. who knows.

lastly, i really want pedals. i hate my pegs. so, i've enlisted the help of my friend jeff of sHs as he's got a mig welder and lots of moped experience. first i'd like to try and solve the problem by making a different intake to take the carb out of the way as well as increase flow, as i have a feeling that the malossi 4 pedal size intake i have is restricting my 24 mikuni.

if making an intake proves to me too much trouble, maybe we'll be driling holes and moving the spindle around on the frame, who knows.

it's been raining and is supposed to rain all this week until saturday, so i'm not sure how much progress i'll make with this stuff as my porch is my work space. slowly bu surely.


  1. You can always build an extended subframe like Team Nerdspeed!

  2. dude, I'm so glad you made it to WB3. You're bike is looking so nice.

  3. Slick!! Advice: If you build a subframe, build it on a jig.