Saturday, May 15, 2010

i'm getting better at this including photos thing

here's my seat. i spent a few hours at jeff and becky's cutting the frame back and figuring out mounting brackets. unfortunately i might have to lose the awesome piaggio tool kit that fits into the rear of the frame as it doesn't fit under the seat. however, i have plants to make a tiny seat that i can swap out when i want, for just riding single. cause man, after i chopped a couple inches of that tail piece off i just thought this bike would look so good with a tiny rectangular seat. i think handybikes has are some photos of the engine when it was apart.
here's a stock flywheel that i got in that box of random parts. it's been lightened and i'm curious to try it out when i've got jamie's bike together (that's my next project, a complete rebuild of her ciao with new paint and whitewall gazelles, stock jug, single speed, pipe yet unknown).
i wasn't able to go to the shop earlier this week due to a thunderstorm, but i'm headed there monday evening and i've got two CDI flywheels to play with. i want to make one just a little smaller, like the simo flywheel so it actually fits in the case. then i want to really experiment with the other one and see how far i can take it.

here is another area that was milled on that stock flywheel.
well, no pics of the magnum seat mounted up, but it felt real good along with my new shocks on the ride home

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  1. Dude! that flywheel looks sick. I hope you solved your problem so I can have mine back. Good work man.