Saturday, May 22, 2010

short update, crappy photos

seat is kinda long. wish i had a longer subframe. i think the magnum frame/swing arm sets the wheel further back, oh well. i'm in the process of making a small seat and changing the mounting of the magnum seat for quick changability. i think a tiny seat would look really sweet too.put on a tail light, promptly blew it 2 blocks later. i'm going to get two more of them and hook them up to the same wire. they were $3 bucks from advanced auto.
doing some variator testing with sharpie. brandon had this idea.
and this is eliot's home made jet/needle case. i think it's pretty sweet.
oh, and i cut the back of my frame to fit the seat on. but it still holds the bravo took kit.
lastly, working on a new intake to allow for pedals. i think i'm just going the same route as rufus. but i played around with the idea of an intake made by Stage6 which is a french scooter company. oh well. i think just going with something i know works is better at this point.

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