Wednesday, December 22, 2010

mopeds from around the world! (sort of)

jamie and i went on our official honeymoon/vacation after a long and hard season on a farm near pittsburgh. we visited france, belgium, and egypt (to see my roots and "undisputable" masterpieces of ancient egypt). along the way i kept my eyes open and my camera ready for mopeds. after all, europe is the motherland for these fun little machines.
of course i ran into some peugeots and no motobecanes, strange
vogue in brussels, belgium
unknown peugeot in lille, france
103 in Paris, France
and a ciao! thank you lille, france.
and here's a very common motorcycle in cairo, egypt. but it's a jawa.
mopeds never really made it there...just scooters and some rad looking motorcycles.

soon to come once i return to pittsburgh:

1. the blue ciao, 80s fairing from a super bravo, square bars (if i can find em), and all sorts of retro goodness. maybe even some decals?
2. the green ciao, which sits in pieces awaiting powdercoating and reassembly. it's going to be a really nice stock looking bike, with all the turn signals, side baskets, yellow horn buttons, springer forks, minimal tail light, etc. with a twist. hopefully i'll be able to acquire the parts from jason to make it into a kickstart!
3. come springtime, a new belt for the bravo and some idle jets. mine's been getting shredded due to an erratic idle...

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